Until Kickoff Predictions League Table

Predictions are everywhere. Nearly every site you go on has every member of their writing staff making weekly predictions on how they know each team that will win this week. I love predictions but not the thought out kind; I like arbitrary predictions. Why? I like them because it proves that you might as well flip a coin or throw yarrow sticks. This season Until Kickoff will be tracking eight, mostly arbitrary, prediction methods to see which one is best.

The predictions are as follows.

Man Vs Wife

I am not a lucky man. This is because I lucked out on my wife (man points +10.) This season my wife, who does actually follow NFL, and I will pick our teams on a Thursday as a control for “human predictions.”

Best Uniform Wins

It returns! Last year Best Uniform Wins did pretty well and is top of the “arbitrary predictions” tree. I choose the winner of each matchup based on my personal uniform preference.

Best Scrabble Score Wins

This is very simple. The full team name is converted into a scrabble score. The highest scrabble score wins. If the scrabble score is the same then the team’s nickname score is doubled.

Highest Stadium Capacity Wins

Self explanatory

Newest Stadium Wins

Again, self explanatory

Most Hall of Fame Players Win

In each matchup, the team who has the most Hall of Fame players wins. Players with multiple teams are counted on all teams and in the event of an identical number of players, only players who played the majority of their career at the team are reconsidered to break the tie. For full list visit http://www.profootballhof.com/hof/teams.aspx


All predictions will be put onto the site on the Thursday before the games and results will be posted on the following Tuesday.

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