Rex Ryan Has Big Plans For the Jets - Yet No Specifics

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has been in the news quite a bit lately and not always for the best reasons.  Ryan angered many Jet fans recently after a photo of a pretty hilarious tattoo on his right arm circulated around the internet. The tattoo appears to be his wife wearing the #6 jersey of struggling quarterback Mark Sanchez, who, despite being paid $8 million a year, has turned out to be one of the worst performers in the NFL.

This came after a report issued at the end of December that claimed Ryan would be better off getting fired if the owner, Woody Johnson, does not pour more resources into the team.  This resulted in Ryan holding a press conference where he was clearly pissed off at the report and claimed that the Jets were his team.

Now it appears that Ryan is dedicated to building up his offense.  He recently fired offensive coordinator Tony Sparano after just one year on the job.  Ryan admitted that he thought that Sparano did a good job but wanted the team to go in a different direction.

What direction he is going to go in is yet to be determined.  Ryan said that, "Where I've come up short in my opinion, in four years, I don't think I've done as good a job of implementing who I am throughout this team.  And I want a physical, aggressive, attack-style of football team. … to be unpredictable in all three phases. That's what I want."

He talked further about his search for a new offensive coordinator stating that, "When we look for a new offensive coordinator, I want somebody with that same type of belief that I would have as a defensive guy. … I want to be more of an attack-style of team, whether it's running the pistol or different types of offenses. As hard as we are to attack defensively, I want to be the same way on offense."

Ryan went on to state that job at Quarterback will be wide open next year and many do not expect either Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow to return next year.  One thing that Ryan is certain of is that next year's team will not be one that should be taken lightly.  He told reporters that, "We are going to be a dangerous football team. I can promise you that. How many wins and all that, I don't know. But I'm going tell you: You're not going to want to play the New York Jets."

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