My Name is Lewis and I Am a Jilted Texans fan

This is tough. I am here to admit my team has a problem, and by default I have a problem. Over many years I have supported a team that has never promised me anything and I was happy with that. I felt like I was ironically supporting a team with no hope of success.

Then came our new General Manager Rick Smith. A fantastic player evaluator who built through the draft and sound free agency signings. He brought in fantastic athletes such as Arian Foster, Jonathan Joseph and JJ Watt and propelled them to the forefront of the organisation, providing fans with a reason to believe in a brighter future. This was my mistake.

I supported the Texans like a hipster. I was into the Texans before they were cool and rather than moving onto the next cool hip thing, like the Browns or Jaguars, I realised that I now loved this team. It was like every teen romance every made. Boy meets team and only likes it as a friend. Then falls hopelessly in love with them when they realise their true beauty.

The ending to this story is particular story is slightly different. In this story the boy then gets kicked repeatedly in the scrotal area by a team that won the first half of the season by a mile, only to lose their collective minds, arms and kicking legs. Hell, they even prolonged the agony by winning two back-to-back games in overtime to two of the worst teams in the league - The Detroit Lions and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

They teased me with their power and then allowed Matt Schaub to loftily, and without much power, throw it all away.

Last night's loss to the Patriots in the AFC Divisional Round is endemic of the issues that face me as a lovelorn fan. We are so good - except Matt Schaub. I contemplated that we should get Alex Smith this morning and that is why I need help. Help me.

I miss the utterly predictability of David Carr and Dominik Williams. At least I knew where I stood with those guys. They treated me like crap but they never teased me, not once.

Lewis English is the Editor of Until Kickoff. You can follow him on Twitter here.

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