16 Things I Hate About The New Seahawks Jersey

Links to pictures of the jersey and pants can be found here

1. The fact that they have their names on the upper breast of the jersey just looks silly. It is as if they think no-one knows who the Seahawks are and have to tell everyone.
2. The colour of the helmet is different to the colour of the jersey.
3. The collar looks like it has a stain on it and is distractingly shiny.
4. The light silver stripe across the front of the shoulder that runs into the collar. It is such a mess.
5. The numbers do not stand out and seem to have weird rounding and cut outs. Original but terrible.
6. The steel grating motif on the helmet is different to the steel grating motif on the jersey.
7. The steel grating has nothing to do with the Seahawks history and is lifted straight from Oregon college football
8. The green splodge on the side of the shoulder seems to only be there to highlight the swoosh of Nike
9. Pants the same colour as the jersey
10. The main jersey number has green piping but from the looks of the pictures the TV numbers (ones on the shoulders) do not
11. The jersey is made of different fabrics and so will soak up sweat at different speed, could  end uo being a mutli-tonal jersey of different blues
12. The entire top quarter of the jersey is very busy
13. Blue jersey, blue pants, blue socks = Babygrow
14. The wierd whale tail motif down the side of the pants make them look like a knock off sports brand
15. Apparently there is a duct tape grey alternate in the works and that makes me even sadder
16. I hate, hate, hate the gloves because they just do not work. Plus Diamond Dallas Page must be livid
Some of these are tongue-in-cheek and some are deadly serious and I will let you decide which are which.

Lewis English is an NFL Fanatic and is at the end of his uniform tether. You can follow him on Twitter here.

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