Redskins get No.2 pick - Trade entire suburb of D.C to get him.

For the second time in six months someone has traded the farm for a quarterback. First it was the Bengals with the bonkers Carson Palmer trade and now the Redskins have decided to mortgage their future for a new franchise quarterback; Robert Griffin III

I could go on and on about how the quarterback is the most important position in the NFL but that would be redundant. The main issue I have, in this case, is the cost to the rest of the team over the next few years.

The Washington Redkskins have reportedly swapped this year's draft pick and given the Rams their 2013 and 2014 first round draft picks, along with a second round pick to move up to draft Robert Griffin III.

Redskins' owner Dan Synder is well known as both rich and irresponsible when it comes to his attempts to build a dynasty in the NFC East; Albert Haynesworth and Donnovan McNabb are just two of his failed blockbuster free agency signings. I truly believe you build a great team through the draft and the Redskins have proven this over the last few years by signing so many terrible players to overblown contracts. I am still torn as to whether Synder has actually changed. I think he has just swapped his wild spending of money for a wild mortgaging of draft picks.

I can see what the Redskins are trying to do with this deal. Everyone is focused on Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, who appears to be a lock for the first overall pick of this year's draft. Robert Griffin III is a special talent and the Redskins have needed a franchise quarterback for decades. Is it a risk? yes. Is it stupid. only time will tell.

  • In other quarterback news Mark Sanchez has signed a three year extension proving that not having any talent sometimes doesn't matter.
  • Peyton Manning arrived in Denver for a tour on Friday night. Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn are attempting to unionise. 
  • I am relinquishing my support of the New Orleans Saints thanks to the bountygate scandal. American Football is a dangerous sport and intentional injuries is abhorrent. I will be choosing my new NFC team over the next few weeks. 

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