Monday Night Fight Club: Chargers @ Chiefs

This will be one of the easier pictures to find.

Charger: noun, a horse trained for battle; a cavalry horse.

Chief: noun, the head of a body of persons or an organization, in this case a Native American tribe.

Well for me this is a lock for the 11 chiefs. The Native Americans are masters at taming horses. Having seen the Horse Whisperer and several cowboy films, all evidence is stacked in the favour of the Chiefs.

Too many Chiefs not enough Indians. Chargers win.

The chiefs will tame the chargers. Chiefs win.


Who would win if the team's namesakes actually fought? Genius, right? Well, as a test balloon I am going to try this out as a prediction method for the remainder of the season on Monday Night Football.

  • The fight will take place on the "home field" of each home team's namesake. For example, The Chiefs would play on the prairie and the Saints in a church
  • Each side will have the same number of participants. This number has been set at 11
  • Submissions for reasons one particular team would win will be considered up to Saturday evening before the match
  • This fight is to the death, and rated 18: for ludicrous ideas and strong imaginary violence

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